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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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guys are writing $10 million check, giving them mr. romney supporters. and basically, they all have just the same argument. they all say the same thing. they say the economy is bad and it's obama's fault. >> greg: so a andrea, obama bashing negative ads is like the pope demeaning catholicism. >> andrea: i can't believe he is doing this with a straight face. he's gone so far over hope and change. he uses class warfare. mitt romney, comb, nerf bat, knife fight. he was accused this week of murder. you know what his response was? i'm disappointed. if someone accused you or me or us of murder we'd lash out more than that. >> greg: it's happened to me. >> andrea:ly say this, the
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media is jumping on board. they are riding shotgun. this week, "newsweek" jonathan alter echoed the same sentiment saying under romney hundreds and thousands of people will die. they print this as the truth. then obama gets in front of a crowd and pretends like i had nothing to do with this. i hate this. >> greg: now mitt is not just a murder, a mass murder. >> andrea: and he doesn't care. he doesn't care. >> greg: if he cared about it, it would be different. so k.g., here is the thing. should romney rely on attack dogs like sununu or become an attackdog? there is a theory he should stay out of this. >> kimberly: there is enough time to train him between now and the enext? you either have it in you or you don't. he needs to step up. that's the rhetoric and the action the public wants. especially the republicans and to motivate his base. he is going to get them out and turn some of the numbers around, there is still time to do it. they will have to hear something from him that is not enough to have it from the v.p. or sununu or someone
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else. >> greg: there is bad polling for obama. not a lot. there is a gallup poll on the job approval, bob. had him at 43%, 51% disapproval. there it is. is it worrying given the context of the other polls? >> bob: it's not worrisome. good poll. >> greg: i mentioned it at the start. >> bob: oh, you did. okay. i want to agree with kimberly. one thing here for a candidate, you either do have it in you or you don't. maybe it would move him to get a v.p. nominee to do that for him. i don't know that. the fact is this is not an easy game we're playing here. all this whining by republicans about pour mitt and killing people. this is a tough ballgame we're playing. obama gets hit very hard from every direction. >> greg: now you're whining. >> bob: i'm not whining at all. i come from a school of politics this is a normal situation. >> eric: i beg to dish with you. you mentioned it earlier today. you said it's politics. i don't think anyone has gone to these extent. he's a murder, felon, tax
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cheat. >> greg: mass murderer now. >> eric: responsible for cancer death. >> bob: i heard that in a sheriff's race. >> eric: what we really should talk about, white board -- sorry, not trying to cover you. romney shouldn't do stuff like this. don't touch it. healthcare premium since obama took over, with obamacare, gone up 20%. you know what that cost america? $2 trillion. $2 trillion so far and counting. gas prices up 100% under obama. that cost us $8 trillion. how about this one. household net worth, down 35%. down 35%. that cost us $5 trillion. under obama so far, at a minimum, $8 trillion of worth has left the country. thanks, bob. where are you? camera six. mitt, get back to the economy. that is how you're going to win. not the other games. >> bob: all housing values
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are fallen because of obama? that is a new one. new low. >> greg: we're in the saying he killed anybody. >> andrea: if you watch romney, he does make a lot of the same points that you made. but he is not breaking through the noise. he is making the arguments. he is not playing dirty or taking the low road. he is a world guy. barack obama has no problem lying and pulling auz these. romney is not getting in the mud with him. that is the danger. >> kimberly: how does he win? >> andrea: if you fight with a skunk you both come out smelling. >> bob: u are assuming that mitt romney is clean on. this the fact of the matter is they closed that steel plant, they did it, loaded it with debt and took it for the investors and themselves. you can't make a connection to him, he was directly responsible for this woman dying, i understand that. >> eric: that is what the ad is. the husband is saying mitt romney closed the plant. my wife died. see the connection? >> bob: romney did close the
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plant. >> eric: his wife did fact die. wow! there's a good connection. >> bob: alder said there is a truth in that. >> greg: i want to run, jay carney talked about an ad. i'll roll that and then i'll go to you, kimberly. you look great today. >> kimberly: thank you. >> greg: go to the president to defend and explain his policy. defending them when a campaign ad with millions and millions of dollars behind it, as opposed to zero dollars behind it. being broadcast around the country. paid for, produced by the romney campaign. cat goricly false and blatantly dishonest about the president's policy position. >> greg: kimberly? >> kimberly: i'm going to do the thinking and the speaking for you. >> greg: thank you so much. >> kimberly: what i think overall and the message was made today very clearly by top romney aides and campaign headquarters. they feel that this rhetoric the way that the president, the administration, his
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campaign has behaved is diminishing the office of the presidency. ultimately, we will see, i believe, this will backfire. we have to get the polling, the tracking numbers in to see what impact if any the disingenuous, lying, desperate tactics by the obama campaign if it will backfire. i don't think the american people will like this. i don't think they think it's politics as usual. >> bob: something is sticking on him. do you think romney's ads are a soft bean bag ads he is running here? the fact is on taxes for example, they should -- romney is hiding stuff. we know that. >> andrea: we don't know that. >> bob: we do. >> kimberly: no, we don't. >> bob: absolutely. i have a good source. >> greg: they are back tracking. first people who work for harry reid now. they say it's not a republican. i didn't say that. >> --learly are on -- >> andrea: how would a coworker get the taxes? former b abin colleague, i'm your colleague and i wouldn't access to your taxes.
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>> bob: by the way, i talked to the chairman of the republican national committee, to tell him i was sorry about what i said. we had a long talk about this. he said that harry reid is a dirty liar. which means that you must know what he has got for taxes. otherwise you wouldn't say he's a liar. chairman has never seen the taxes. nobody else has either. >> eric: can we make a point because mitt romney doesn't release his taxes, doesn't mean he is cheating on his taxes. >> bob: why doesn't he release them? >> eric: he paid a lot of taxes and may not want to bring it out. i will tell you, though, i agree with you. just release them. get it out there. even if it's the money you made, be proud you know how to use the tax code. >> greg: bottom line, mitt has to step up. >> bob: step up. >> andrea: he's running like an incumbent. >> bob: good point. he is running like an incumbent. at this stage of the game, not
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that far out. he has yet to get people an idea about who he is. and the people know who obama is. a lot of them don't like him. but romney has to respond or paint a picture for himself or get someone like chris christie who will go after romney. >> kimberlyafter -- go after obama. >> kimberly: there is still time. >> bob: absolutely. romney had a bad week in the press it will turn and i guarantee you obama will have a bad week or two. >> kimberly: or three or four. >> bob: not that many. >> greg: coming up, holder announced he won't prosecute wall street over the 2008 financial crisis. is it because the boss needs the campaign cash? or is it because their boss needs their campaign cash? wait, those are the same things, eric. i guess we know the answer to that. ♪ ♪ this is new york state.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." president obama has been promising to reform wall
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street since he took office. just a few months ago, he said this. >> for the past three-and-a-half years we have been fighting our way back from an historic economic crisis, would be caused by breathtaking irresponsibility on the part of some on wall street. who treated the financial system like a casino. not only did that behavior nearly destroy the financial system, it cost our economy millions of jobs. hurt middle class families and left taxpayers holding the bag >> andrea: in a stunning aboutface, yesterday, obama's own justice department announced it would end investigations in the same culprits he talked about. most notably goldman sachs for the mortgage back security in the run township the financial meltdown. now this is outrageous. there were multiple hearings on capitol hill that showed beyond a reasonable doubt, goldman knew the securities were junk. they sought people to buy the junk and then they cashed in on it betting that the products they were selling would implode. now bob, millions of americans
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have been buried by the misdeeds. there is no justice by obama department of justice to put them away and do something about it. >> bob: you won't get an argument out of me. they should have been perp walked a long time ago. goldman sachs has an ability to put people in government and keep position. it's ring door. go if government, key positions and go back to goldman sachs. they put instruments out there, they knew were bad. sold to the client. then they bet against it getting insurance. you knowing a, the big insurance company -- you know aig, the big insurance company. the first money bail out for the government is $150 billion. goldman got the first check to take care of those losses. not only that, the bush administration, the secretary of the treasury was goldman ceo. if these guys are the worst of the worst and they are so powerful. i don't think it has anything to do with money. no that. they're so powerful, the guys have people all over the government doing their bidding for them. i will tell you one thing, i
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can't believe these sons of -- >> andrea: if you think about how many americans have money in the stock market and mortgages suffered because of this. they almost brought to us financial collapse. we haven't done anything about it. this is what obama ran on, eric. just yesterday, guess what happened? center for responsive politics went goldman went from obama's top fundraising cash cow to now they are giving donations to mitt romney and the republicans. >> bob: they do. >> andrea: campaign cash for the obama administration. >> eric: you point out there were absolutely some goldman people on the bush administration. but there are certainly goldman people in obama administration. >> bob: every administration. >> eric: patterson, tim geithner, robert hormatz, phillip murphy. here is the problem. point the finger of goldman, fine. perp walk. if someone did things that were illegal, fine. but goldman are the smartest people in the room. played the system knowing our president would bail them out if it went bad. guess what happened?
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it went bad. we have bailed them out. didn't do anything illegal. the problem is -- allow me to finish. the problem is when we bailed them out, once we bailed them out they realize i can do whatever i want here. if it goes really, really bad, too big to nail. so important, taxpayers will bail me out. >> bob: the bush administration bailed them out. >> eric: i don't like what he did either, bob. i don't like what bush did. >> kimberly: he is saying it a tess wrong thing to do, regardless of the administration. it's now very convenient that obama is doing an aboutface and saying i'm just patting the dog on the head. let me tell you something. romney may not be doing it certain situations but he is outfundraising obama. money on wall street turned its back. >> bob: they're streetwalkers. they will go wherever the money is. >> andrea: eric mentioned bail-out. who bailed for bail-out? every taxpayer that got screwed because of the goldman sachs market leaders that everyone else followed.
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>> greg: gibbson guitars ended upsettalling with the department of justice for $300,000. small company. the reason why is somebody at the d.o.j. wants to get a job at gibson. however, one financial cases are rarely brought forward because dirty secret is most of the d.o.j. wants to work in the private sector. and cash in on the government service experience. do you know how many lawyers that goldman sachs hires? they know that. that is where they want to be. that's the story. >> andrea: this has been around -- >> bob: the other thing is, i'm convinced they put people in government. and then they promise them when they get out on a government payroll, they can pay them off. >> eric: here is -- >> bob: if they stopped dodd frank -- >> eric: they didn't stop dodd-frank. i'll do this. this is what happens. all the s.e.c., people in charge of looking at the goldman sachs and banks and people on wall street, the lawyers at the s.e.c. are
5:18 pm
supposed to call out when they do something wrong. no they work for goldman soon. they don't do anything. it's the other way. if you are going to be a regulator, you are never going to -- >> but they are already a goldman sachs alumni. the former head of the s.e.c., mary schapiro resigned from the s.e.c. she came from goldman sachs. how is she going to possibly regulate on what she left an likely going back to? >> bob: you put your finger on it. senator levin and tom coburn, enough evidence up there -- prima fascia evidence they broke the law. for some reason the justice department doesn't want to do it. why? you are exactly right. the securities and exchange commission are loaded with goldman people or want to be goldman people. >> eric: if they nail goldman or morgan stanley or ubs they know that job is not going to be -- >> bob: is there any way we can bust the guys?
5:19 pm
>> eric: change the rules. change the rule. if you are a regulator, you can't go to work for the banks. vice versa. >> bob: can we break goldman satchs apart? >> andrea: obama ran on. this cleaning up wall street. it's his justice department that said we are not going to do anything. his s.e.c. says we are not going to do anything. >> bob: you are not getting an argument from me. they should have been in jail a long time ago. >> greg: gibson is a small business. getting nailed for $300,000. they can't handle that. goldman sacks can handal anything. >> kimberly: worst justice department ever. >> andrea: no one is giving them anything to handle. we let them get away with it. we get stuck with the bill and bad mortgages. coming up, congress, congres congressman alan west is fighting back after an attack ad airs showing him punching an elderly white woman. >> where is outrage from jesse jackson and al sharpton and the naacp about this? >> andrea: why isn't the
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congressman getting backup from zil rights leaders? we'll have that debate when we come back. ♪ ♪ this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and wifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't li to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank mes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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>> kimberly: superpac called american sunrise wantss congressman alan west to lose in november. here is part of an attack ad they put out against him. >> west, for seniors wants to end medicare. he whacks women with a huge cut in women healthcare funding. >> kimberly: you know that the congressman is
5:25 pm
african-american punching an elderly white woman this the ad. now the congressman was on "fox and friends" this morning to talk about it. >> the republican party or a conservative pac won a picture of black politician punching the white seniors i'm sure msnbc and huffing post and everyone would be going apoplectic now. >> kimberly: that is a great point. what is with the granny abuse? first the paul ryan thing. and healthcare ad. throwing her over the cliff. now this? what is the deal? >> eric: the shoe on the other foot, on the other side of the aisle there would be outrage. but it's okay if he is a republican, black conservative in congress. he takes more cheat shots, below the belt than anyone. if a righty were to do it
5:26 pm
against left wing congressman who is black, boy, racism all over the place. >> kimberly: your eyeballs are -- gregg by the way, the great thing about west, he is not whining about it. pointing out a fundamental hypocrisy even bob you can see it. fundamental hypocrisy if this happened to a candidate that was a liberal. mitt romney if he had any guts would pick this guy as the vice president this is the antithesis of obama. he sweats old school ideas. it would be like tyson versus thuston howell iii. entertaining debate ever. none of obama teachers lounge baloney would fly with west. got to happen. >> bob: greg has a migraine and that's why he is acting like this. we'll get him his medicine. >> greg: i took a pill, bob.
5:27 pm
>> bob: this is the same colonel west who said about the president of the united states he'd rather him be his slave in i have to sympathy about him. he whines all the time. >> greg: why can't he say that? >> bob: it's outrageous statement. sleigslaves? >> greg: it's obvious. i believe west is african-american and obama is african-american. >> bob: why doesn't jesse jackson support him? jesse jackson liberal and this is a con seventive. put him on the ticket and we'll win this thing -- >> andrea: i wouldn't get so cocky about that. where is the naacp? the national organization for women? we have seen this before. harold ford, junior, running for tennessee senate. an ad was taken out against him that depicted him with white women and said he went to the playboy mansion and tried to show he was a
5:28 pm
womennizer who cavorted with white women. that ad triggered outrage, a lot of people said it's why he lost the race. you heard the rising up from the other side. colonel west, you don't hear a peep from him. >> bob: that ford ad was by the republicans. it was racist and outrageous and disgusting. >> greg: here we go. >> bob: why should now or the naacp rise up and n defense of a guy who is against them? >> eric: now and the naacp aren't supposed to be right/left. it's standing up for people of color, right? both sides. >> bob: they really are. >> andrea: that is our point. >> kimberly: west isn't afraid to call it like he sees it. listen to this, where he talked about where is the naa naacp? >> where is the outrage from
5:29 pm
al sharpton and the naacp about this? they are not going to say anything because they're nothing but effective wing of the democratic party whatsoever and have kept them well-placed so they continue to make sure they have a black electorate voting bloc. >> bob: they are part of the democratic party and you ain't. you said you'd release campaign cronies against our military. if you live by the sword, brother, you die by the sword. >> greg: i think he understands that better than you bob. >> bob: excuse me. >> eric: the naacp only represents black lib walls. curious. >> bob: their prescription approximatelies i -- theirprinct oppose. >> greg: they are scared to death of west. >> bob: shaking in their boots. freddie they are. he threatens their world view. she a conservative black man.
5:30 pm
he doesn't want anything from you. he doesn't want a handout. it scares you. >> bob: i give him credit for military service but he has worked for government. >> andrea: he's a hero. >> bob: i gave him credit for military service. >> andrea: shame on his opponent murphy not denouncing that. it's a super pac ad. baloney. denounce it. >> bob: what about the republican ads that are discaseful. >> andrea: i'm offended as a women. >> kimberly: sexist, racist, in poor taste. >> bob: i'll bring in a real republican ad. that makes that look like -- >> eric: okay. >> greg: slightly humorous. >> kimberly: we can discuss it in the break. >> greg: i don't want to. i want to discuss it now. >> bob: you have a my grain. >> kimberly: coming up, the usa is leading the medal count at the olympics but believe it or not, some americans are denouncing our athletes'
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good afternoon. it'm john roberts in for bret baier in washington. the big story today, damage control from the white house over the super-pac ad blaming mitt romney for the death of a steelworker's wife. tonight on "special report" we show you how jay carney fielded questions about the ad and any possible administration involvement. the white house still refuses to condemn that spot. mitt romney is preparing to continue a bus tour tomorrow in virginia. speculation continues over whom he will pick as the vice presidential running mate.
5:36 pm
we will also look at fox pol polls. the series running with romney concludes with tim pawlenty. third time in a week, afghan turned on coalition forces. earlier today, three american troops were killed by afghan trainee. it's friday. that means the lightning round with our panel. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. ♪ ♪ >> bob: you should have heard that break discussion. welcome back to "the five." after the gold medal win yesterday, the u.s. women's soccer team wore t-shirts with the slogan "greatness have been found. "shirts criticized by some on twitter saying it lacked class and humility. the controversy domestic and foreign. who wants to talk about this? >> andrea: i don't see the
5:37 pm
big deal. they great. they won the gold medal. i would haven't done this because my mom said let others lift, praise you, don't toot your own horn. but they got a gold medal. toot away. >> greg: this is people who hate our success. a lot of people detest hierarchy. they want turnover be the same. if we won a gold medal, we'd have to bow. >> kimberly: obama is good at that. >> greg: bowing. >> kimberly: make us give gold to the other team. >> greg: it's fun being number one. you want to be number six? >> bob: you are number one because you won 2-1. these girls didn't know they'd get there. you win the bowles, you are given a t-shirt. whoever came with the line -- >> andrea: nike.
5:38 pm
>> eric: greatness across the shirt? do all the promoting, self-promoting, the nike promotion, do it after the olympic games. restrict yourself. there, that, the american flag. >> bob: greatness comes out they stand on the podium to hear the "star spangle banne banner." >> greg: this is not a big deal. sports writers with nothing to do with their time. a nonissue. >> andrea: how can they have nothing to do with their time? it's the olympics. >> kimberly: i bet nike will sell a lot of the t-shirts. >> greg: they punched the outrage button. >> bob: does anyone have any more of greg's medicine? let's switch to something that does make sense. china. we are in the middle -- >> greg: hate china time. >> bob: i don't hate china. i like the chinese people. it's the chinese government i
5:39 pm
can't stand. >> kimberly: well stated. stop there. >> bob: take this. united states leads china in the medal count 94-891. however, close on gold. united states has 41. china has 47. >> eric: 37. >> bob: 37. excuse me. chinese among other things have been caught on this olympics and in seoul, certainly in their own backyard in beijing of using enhancing drugs, other things. one of their swimmers swims a lap in the medley that is faster than the guy that won the gold medal. c'mon! are we kidding ourselves here? they figured out how to get around how you do it. chinese -- plus they sponsor, no country pays for this. but chinese pay for their athlete and get them in sports they never did before. >> eric: a lot of countries sponsor athletes like china does. not condoning. >> bob: are you sucking up to chinese?
5:40 pm
>> eric: no. i think they're doping. there is a lot of doping. >> greg: americans got in trouble for doping. >> eric: i agree. >> bob: you couldn't get through the front door. what do you think about the chinese? be careful. don't go to the chinese. >> andrea: i agree with the statement. i don't like the government. but i like the people. you vu to admire something about the work ethic of the chinese people. they work really hard. i get it. communist country. but talk about the "new york times" smearing lolo jones. >> bob: you want to talk about lol? >> andrea: i do. she is a virgin. christian. took flak for saving her virginity. the "new york times" decided to slander her -- >> bob: is anybody a virgin at that age? >> eric: doesn't believe lolo jones is a virgin.
5:41 pm
>> andrea: it's gross that the "new york times" would do to one of our own. it's not surprising. wait until the olympics is over. but because she is a christian. >> greg: she is faster version of sarah palin. they hate her. she is offensive as sandra fluke. irrelevant. she is a joke. >> bob: what do you think of jlo? >> greg: lolo. >> bob: whatever. >> kimberly: she is fantastic. >> bob: she posed nude for somebody. >> eric: she did not pose nude. >> bob: it's in my research. >> eric: nothing showing. nothing showing. >> bob: okay. like a virgin. coming up, u.s. men's basketball team is poised to win big this sunday. how does the 2012 team stack up to the original dream team of jordan marxgic, magic, bird?
5:42 pm
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♪ ♪ >> eric: michael, larry bird or bromwiclebron? 20 years, hoopsters wondered will there ever be another dream teem? >> jordon. magic on the second roll. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:47 pm
>> eric: i'll start. i think there will never be another '92 dream team. what do you think? >> andrea: i like the team this year, too. but i have to agree with you. >> eric: i'm doing this but i'm listening. multitasking. >> kimberly: spin it on your finger? >> eric: a little. >> greg: this is not a good idea. he will do it until it drops. >> andrea: there was nothing like that. there was a special on before the olympics started op espn on the dream team. it was the coolest footal. the reason they were different than the team this year, which is very good, kobe and the guys, it was the first time to see the great on the court together. they were just awesome. no other way to put it. >> greg: to me, it was not so much a sport as a spectacle. it was like watching "the love boat" with a bunch of celebrities. i think instead of sending a team of professional athletes send the harlem globetrotters to the olympics. how hard would it be for the
5:48 pm
globetrotters to go up against other countries and do all the tricks and still beat them. >> eric: bounce off other people's backs. sorry. ready. >> kimberly: what i was going to say is kobe bryant has a big mouth saying they could beat the dream team. nobody better than him. he is the best ever. no surprise. however, michael jordan popped back, absolutely not. what are you on? greg's medication. i disagree. to set the score, they should play each other. >> bob: that could be something. i don't know honestly enough about basketball. if i's not a football game i can't tell you much about it. 11 of 12 of those gays are i the '92 team. you are right about kobe. he has his own problems. >> kimberly: a lot. >> bob: never take each other on. american teams against american teams. >> kimberly: lebron did
5:49 pm
it, too. but he refused to come to new york and play. he didn't want to deal with the new york press. >> eric: did you notice that president obama was going have a big rundraiser with hoopsters? >> andrea: fundraisers with jordan and a number of others. he needs the money. he needs the money. needs the p.r. >> bob: they know where the power is and the best candidate is. >> greg: it's high school politics. obama hangs out with the cliques. this is beverly hills 90210. >> eric: coincidently,dy get an e-mail from none other than barack obama. michael jordan. dear eric, michael jordan wrote a check to my campaign for senate in 2004 i wasn't sure if i should cash it or frame it. >> andrea: a lot of people. >> eric: i got to go. spoil alert. don't listen. if you don't want to know who won, the u.s. was just playing argentina. it just concluded, if you want
5:50 pm
to know. u.s. 109-83. they meet spain on sunday. one more thing coming up next. ♪ ♪ you'll inevitably find yourself on aolate highway in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts your speed when approaching slower traffic. and for the blind spot monitoring that helps remind you that the highway might not be as desolate... you thought. ♪ ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win
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[ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream
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♪ >> greg: time now for one more thing. i've got olympic news. >> you are going first? >> greg: yes. belgium athlete sent home for public drunkenness. we discussed it with if "red eye" olympic correspondent in greece. you know when we talk to him there is always a tape delay. >> what is the latest on the belgian athlete? >> hey, i've done some digging, did you know that john claude vandam is from belgium? >> what about the cyclist? has belgian officials commented at all in >> greg, something you should know. jean claude van dam took up ballet at 15. >> did you do any reporting on the olympics today? >> that's it from london. back to you, greg. >> greg: worst olympic
5:55 pm
correspondent ever. eric? >> eric: going from the worst to the best tv, besides "the five," best tv in the world starts sunday. 25th anniversary of "shark week" on discovery. we have a little clip. >> a decoy. carrying the data log iris launched and will be towed behind the boat ready to record one of the biggest hits in nature. ♪ ♪ >> the attack was spectacular. the shark, estimated at 3,000 pounds hit the decoy at nearly 25 miles per hour. >> eric: got to watch it. >> kimberly: now you see why controlled water. no, sir. >> greg: i'm beginning to wonder about you. >> kimberly: i have
5:56 pm
something cute. it's adorable. orphan spotted lamb that was adopted by dalmation dog. this is in australia. the dalmation is named zoe saw the spotted lamb, abandoned by her mom because she had spots on her. she is mothering her now. >> greg: that is cute. >> andrea: a new study out that shows shockingly that waitresses wearing red get higher tips than those who wear other colors. this is probably true. i wore disgusting brown and pale blue. but outback steakhouse, i worked there for a couple years in college and had red shirt and my tips were higher. funny thing is, they went to the women so men would tip 25% higher like you were saying. women would not tip higher. >> bob: i think the best tip, waitresses get the best tip at hooters. i give them the best tips. >> andrea: nothing to do with red. >> bob: this is very
5:57 pm
important news. in, right now. unions save twinkies. you probably knew hostess was going under and it would have taken twinkies off the market. that would have been a disaster. when i was using drugs that's like taking the drugs off the market. right? why did you take me off the picture there? twinkie is back. they are going to be saved thanks to the union working it out. hostess will survive. twink away. >> greg: that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. have a great weekend. eat a twinkie. ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> john: president obama white house says it had nothing to do with the ad linking romney to a woman's death. but it still will not denounce it. this is "special report." ♪ ♪
5:58 pm
>> john: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret baier tonight. the president's press secretary on the firing line today over the obama super-pac ad blaming mitt romney for the death of a steelworker's wife. the chief white house correspondent ed henry tonight on the denial and the backlas backlash. >> we do not control the ad. >> the week ended where it started, aiding refusing to say whether obama condemns a democratic ad. >> i don't think romney understands what he has done to people's lives. >> which accuses republican romney of being responsible for the cancer death of the wife of a laid off steelworker. >> do you think at that podium it's fair for someone to suggest that a candidate's actions led to someone's death? >> i appreciate the effort to get me to play political pundit. but that is not my job. it's not -- i do not have any role in third party groups that produce the ads.
5:59 pm
>> except top white house aide david plouffe raised money super pac priorities usa run by former white house aide bill burton. the obama campaign in chicago back pedaling on the original claim it knew nothing about steelworker joe soptic story, the top romney advisor today ripped in the president. claiming mr. obama squandered his credentials as a different type of politicians. telling reporters they have gone from what started at petty distortions and up truth to unbelievable examine rations that diminish the office of the president and insult the american people. jay carney fired back the democratic super-pac ad has not even run on tv and is living off the media talking about it. the romney camp itself has an ad falsely charging the president is gutting welfare reform. >> it is being broadcast in states across the nation to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. >> the romney ad got four pinocchios from the "washington post." although that ad does not accuse anyone of being


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